To stimulate action and bring stakeholders together, ISCA organises regular online and in-person events including advocacy seminars at European Parliament, networking conferences and workshops. Health promotion is also central to the NowWeMOVE campaign events our MOVE Agents deliver locally to the public.


Level up. Shape up. Power up.

The MOVE Congress is the biggest international conference dedicated to recreational sport and health-enhancing physical activity. And it’s time for us to level up as change-makers who help people enjoy better health and wellbeing, better environments that inspire them to be active, and better access to sport and physical activity. It’s also your ticket to a network of 400 professionals from the NGO, health, sport, education, urban planning, environment and political sectors. We’re gathering 400 trailblazers like you in Madrid, Spain, on 15-17 November 2023.



Public-private partnerships for a #HealthyLifestyle4All

Round table discussion in the European Parliament
30.11.2023 – European Parliament, Brussels

Event Summary

We want to create the space for a realistic, constructive debate between industry, NGOs and policy makers if we want to make progress for #HealthyLifestyles4All

Patty Scholten


Bea Rofagha

Schuttelaar & Partners

Jacob Schouenborg


This event was organized as a follow up to the HealthyLifestyle4All policy and coalition-building event in the European Parliament in 2022.


NowWeMOVE is a world-wide campaign to promote sport and physical activity and tackle the physical inactivity epidemic.

NowWeMOVE events and campaigns

The 2022-2023 editions of MOVE Week, No Elevators Day and European School Sport Day are actively promoting exercise for better physical and mental health, featuring campaigns for MOVEment Pills, active breaks and brain breaks for office workers, and healthy lifestyle promotion in schools.

It is very clear
that physical activity
is needed now
more than ever – for our
joy of life and our
personal health.
We are born to move
and be social.

ISCA President

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ISCA strives to help its members
deliver health promotion.

ISCA Secretary General


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