Toolkits for MOVE Agents

In connection with our most successful NowWeMOVE campaigns, we present three practical guides to promoting healthy lifestyle choices among children, introducing active breaks to the workplace, and using exercise on prescription (MOVEment Pills) as a marketing tool.

Practical guides to promoting healthy lifestyles

Toolkit 1: More activity. Less sitting. Better diet. Better sleep.

ISCA and the Hungarian School Sport Federation teamed up to develop an evergreen toolkit to help teachers, school staff and NGOs working with schools to convey healthy lifestyle messages to children. The toolkit was launched for European School Sport Day 2022, but its messages and activities ideas can be used every day in school settings.

Find out what schools can do to help children develop a healthy routine that includes More activity. Less sitting. Better diet. Better sleep. Discover practical activity ideas, tips and tricks for kids, ready-made social media messages, and how NGOs who support schools can commit to the EU’s #HealthyLifestyle4All pledge. The toolkit is intended as a holistic resource that includes physical activity among a broad spectrum of elements that together comprise a healthy lifestyle.

Toolkit 2: Physical activity for mental wellbeing:
A brain break guide for workplaces

This toolkit is intended as a conversation starter for physical activity promoters, organisations and individuals to bring up the subject and acknowledge the link between exercise and mental health and wellbeing. It provides evidence of positive effects of physical activity on mental wellbeing, gives practical examples of brain breaks in daily work settings that use physical activity and social interaction to boost energy and mood, presents a few detailed case examples, including activity ideas for No Elevators Day, and points to further help and resources.

It draws on the successful work of our Danish member DGI, and its expert consultants Hanna Christensen and Lone Brink Rasmussen, and European Week of Sport Denmark partner the Danish Company Sport Association (Dansk Firmaidræts Forbund), who have already taught us valuable insights from their experience.

Toolkit 3: MOVEment Pills: #FindYourMOVE and enjoy better health!

More and more evidence is emerging about the physical and mental health benefits of exercise and leisure. But time is still one of the biggest barriers preventing people from taking up regular physical activity. The clue to taking the first steps towards an active lifestyle is to break it down into “bite-sized” movements – like pausing quickly to take medicine or (in colloquial terms) to pop a pill.

At ISCA, we first developed our eye-catching MOVEment Pills boxes in 2015 (based on a concept created by our Italian member UISP, who has partnered with pharmacies across Italy to distribute its pill boxes). In this toolkit we’ll present an inside look into this successful NowWeMOVE & UISP initiative and show you how to use it in your work as MOVE Agents who want engage more people in physical activities.

Our resources are full of practical,
peer-to-peer advice - often with
a humorous touch!

Rachel Payne
Communications Manager

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