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ISCA General Assembly

ISCA members are invited to convene every second year (uneven years) to take part in the ISCA General Assembly and Elections for the ISCA Executive Committee. The General Assembly is usually held in conjunction with the MOVE Congress.

ISCA Executive Committee Nominations 2023

For any questions about nominating candidates to the ISCA Executive Committee, do not hesitate to contact the ISCA Secretariat or the ISCA President.

18 August 2023 Latest announcement of the General Assembly and open elections
7 October 2023 Latest deadline to send candidate nominations to ISCA
21 October 2023 Latest time to announce all candidates to members and on
18 November 2023 ISCA General Assembly and elections in Madrid, Spain
Mogens KIRKEBY learn more


Nominating organisation: DGI Denmark
Helen Vost learn more

Helen Vost

Nominating organisation: Youth Sport Trust International UK
Maria Luiza Souza Dias learn more

Maria Luiza Souza Dias

Nominating organisation: Corcultura Colombia
Michael Tiemann learn more

Michael Tiemann

Nominating organisation: DTB German Gymnastics Federation Germany
Branko Vujović learn more

Branko Vujović

Nominating organisation: Association Sport for All Serbia Serbia
Daniela Conti learn more

Daniela Conti

Nominating organisation: UISP Italy
Jakub Kalinowski learn more

Jakub Kalinowski

Nominating organisation: V4Sport Foundation Poland
Fernando Alves da Silva learn more

Fernando Alves da Silva

Nominating organisation: SESC Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Liliana Ortiz de la Cruz learn more

Liliana Ortiz de la Cruz

Nominating organisation: Corcultura Colombia
Аll nominations


  • General Assembly 2023

    The General Assembly 2023 was held on 18 November 2023 in Madrid, Spain.

  • Delegate File

    The Delegate File is available on Delegate File page.

  • General Assembly 2025

    The next General Assembly will be held in 2025 in Denmark.

  • ISCA Statutes

    Please read the ISCA statutes for more information about the ISCA General Assembly.

ISCA Statutes

ISCA understands sport as an integral part of cultural life. As people manifest their culture through their specific participation in sport ...

We promote the
Human Right to MOVE

ISCA Secretary General

We deliver
Grassroots Sport Diplomacy

ISCA President

Timeline of ISCA General Assemblies and major conferences

ISCA General Assemblies
2023 11th MOVE Congress and General Assembly in Madrid, ES.
2021 10th MOVE Congress and General Assembly in Brussels, BE.
2019 9th MOVE Congress and General Assembly in Budapest, HU.
2017 8th MOVE Congress and General Assembly in Birmingham, UK.
2016 MOVING People – MOVING Europe conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2015 7th MOVE Congress and General Assembly in Copenhagen, Denmark (change in statutes means MOVE Congress and General Assembly are now held every second year).
2014 6th MOVE Congress and General Assembly in Rome, Italy.
2013 5th MOVE Congress and General Assembly in Barcelona, Spain.
2012 SportVision Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark.
4th MOVE Congress and General Assembly in São Paulo, Brazil.
2011 3rd MOVE Congress and General Assembly in Paris, France.
2010 2nd MOVE Congress and General Assembly in Frankfurt, Germany.
2009 1st MOVE Congress and General Assembly in Copenhagen, Denmark
2008 General Assembly and Sport for All Congress hosted by Ubae in Barcelona, Spain.
2007 World Sport for all Congress and General Assembly in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Election of new President Mogens Kirkeby
2006 European Sport for All Congress and General Assembly hosted by the Sports Union of Slovenia in Portoroz Slovenia.
2005 General Assembly in hosted by NCSU in Papendaal, the Netherlands.
2004 General Assembly and Sport for All Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark.
2003 General Assembly hosted by SESC São Paulo in Bertioga, Brazil.
2002 General Assembly hosted by Czech SOKOL in Prague, Czech Republic.
2001 General Assembly in Rome, Italy.
2000 General Assembly hosted by Scottish Association of Local Sports Councils in Inverclyde, Scotland.
1999 General Assembly hosted by Fédération de Crosse Quebec in Montreal, Canada.
1998 General Assembly in Ireland, hosted by Community Games. ISCA Latin America founding meeting in Villa Langostura, Argentina.
1997 General Assembly Reykjavik, Iceland. New ISCA President Anders Bülow elected.
1996 First General Assembly hosted by UFOLEP/USEP in Creil, France.
1995 Founding meeting in Copenhagen on 10 February 1995. Karen Bjerre Madsen first ISCA President.
1994 First meeting at Valdemar’s Castle in connection with DGI Landsstævne (sport for all festival).



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