ISCA Statutes

Statutes of the International Sport and Culture Association
Last updated at the General Assembly in Madrid, 18 November 2023.



ISCA President
Without strong civil society involvement, the Sustainable Development Goals cannot be met. ISCA is engaging with out members to play a significant part!

The objective of the International Sport and Culture Association is to promote the individual and societal value of sport, physical activity and play. This includes health and wellbeing, social inclusion, education and economic development.

The International Sport and Culture Association recognises the need to address socially disadvantaged groups to reach our objectives of lifelong participation in physical activity for all. ISCA promotes the adoption of lifelong active lifestyles, with particular attention to children and young people.

International Sport and Culture Association - Statutes

The full ISCA statutes can be downloaded here:

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We believe in the power of inspiration. And we have seen that sharing practical, real life solutions can achieve more in reality than any theoretical construct. Therefore, we constantly look to create opportunities for our members and partners to get involved in piloting new initiatives, scaling up successful ones, organising events, influencing decision-makers and learning from each other.

ISCA Secretary General


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