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Jacob Schouenborg

Secretary General

Saska Benedicic Tomat

Head of Projects

Rachel Payne

Communications Manager

Georgi Staykov

Head of Digital

Laura-Maria Tiidla

Development Officer

Elena Garcia Morales

Finance Manager

Irina Coreachina

Project Coordinator

Kristine Onarheim

Visual Communications Specialist

Hilal Erkoca

Project Coordinator

Carole Ponchon

Project Coordinator

Maria Malyshkina

Communication Specialist

Anita Kiraly

Communication Officer

Valeria Manannikova

Financial Controller

Aizada Burkhanidinova

Youth Officer for Membership

Diliara Gatiiatullina

Youth Officer

Manal Najah

Youth Officer

Julia Lisewska

Youth Officer

Veronika Mikhaylenko

Youth Officer

Rafael Morales

Youth Officer

Kai Troll

Development Director (Consultant)

Anders Bech Tharsgaard

Senior Consultant


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