Delegate File for the ISCA General Assembly 2023


ISCA President
I warmly welcome you to the ISCA General Assembly 2023. The General Assembly will be held in Madrid, Spain, on Saturday 18 November, following the 11th edition of the MOVE Congress: “Level up. Shape up. Power up”.

Two years ago, we held the MOVE Congress and ISCA General Assembly 2021 in Brussels in a short period of time when the world was relatively open – just between two Covid-19 waves. We prioritised the physical meeting among members and partners because we value and find that meeting physically is very important. And we are looking forward to seeing you as a delegate in Madrid!

ISCA General Assembly 2023 – Venue and Program

The General Assembly will take place on 18 November 2023 in Room Zaragoza III+IV, Hotel Meliá Avenida América, C. de Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena, 36, 28027 Madrid, Spain.

08:30 Registration opens
09:00 General Assembly, part I
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 General Assembly, part II
13:30 Closing
14:00 Lunch for all delegates


1 Opening and welcome by President Mogens Kirkeby
2 Election of two chairpersons for the General Assembly
3 Round of presentations of delegates
4 Adoption of new members
5 Presentation of reports from President and Committees

Reports from the Secretary General

  • ISCA Accounts 2021 and 2022
  • ISCA budget 2023-2025
  • Ongoing projects
  • Other
7 Proposals
8 Elections
9 Any other business

ISCA Executive Committee Nominations 2023

For any questions about the ISCA Executive Committee elections, do not hesitate to contact the ISCA Secretary General or the ISCA President.

Mogens KIRKEBY learn more


Nominating organisation: DGI Denmark
Helen Vost learn more

Helen Vost

Nominating organisation: Youth Sport Trust International UK
Maria Luiza Souza Dias learn more

Maria Luiza Souza Dias

Nominating organisation: Corcultura Colombia
Michael Tiemann learn more

Michael Tiemann

Nominating organisation: DTB German Gymnastics Federation Germany
Branko Vujović learn more

Branko Vujović

Nominating organisation: Association Sport for All Serbia Serbia
Daniela Conti learn more

Daniela Conti

Nominating organisation: UISP Italy
Jakub Kalinowski learn more

Jakub Kalinowski

Nominating organisation: V4Sport Foundation Poland
Fernando Alves da Silva learn more

Fernando Alves da Silva

Nominating organisation: SESC Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Liliana Ortiz de la Cruz learn more

Liliana Ortiz de la Cruz

Nominating organisation: Corcultura Colombia
Аll nominations

President’s Report

The president’s report consists of several elements. Below you find the online video report in three parts. Beside these, there will be an oral President's report at the General Assembly. Additionally, the ISCA Annual Reports 2021 and 2022 serve as information and documentation of ISCA initiatives between General Assemblies, they are linked below.

Part one: Introduction to President's report. Short flash back to MOVE Congress 2021 and references to the time after the world ‘re-opened’ to an ‘old’ or ‘new’ normal.

Part two: Describing the new reality after the pandemic. Physical Activity as contributor to public health. Selected ISCA activities including ISCA Latin America MOVE Congress in Rio de Janeiro 2022 and MOVING People MOVING Europe Conference in Brussels 2022. Why we run projects and examples of some of our thematics projects such as ‘Integration of Refugees through Sport’, ‘Mentoring program Icehearts Europe’, ‘Sustainability for sport sector stakeholders’. Also touching upon the financial reality of ISCA after the pandemic.

Part three: Unesco new Fit for Life campaign is supporting our aim. We have very recently launched a new partnership between the International Platform on Sport and Development and ISCA.

Thank you to members, partners, supporters ISCA Executive Committee and ISCA secretariat.

Secretary General Report

ISCA Membership Applications

The General Assembly 2021 agreed that the ISCA secretariat should test the proposed new membership offer with four tiers of membership. The two upper tiers (Full and Premium Member) are the ISCA membership as described in the statutes, while MOVERS and MOVE Agents are associated with a free or low-payment affiliation.

The new membership offer has been tested alongside the cleaning up of the member database and compilation of members’ information and logins in a CRM system, once registration and payment has been recorded.

The ISCA secretariat recommends that the membership offer, and the current fee levels, are adopted for continued implementation.

New applications for Full and Premium membership since 2021

The following is a list of membership applications received since the last General Assembly in 2021. The secretariat has checked whether they align with the broad membership requirements (type of organization and alignment with the fundamental ISCA values, as per the statutes), and the relevant organisations have been put forward to the Executive Committee for approval. The General Assembly is asked to vote on their final adoption into ISCA membership:

Helen VOST



One proposal has been received.

Proposal for revised ISCA Statutes by ISCA Executive Committee

The ISCA General Assembly 2021 in Brussels decided to review the ISCA Statutes. The General Assembly gave the Executive Committee the task to: “Update the Statutes so they are in line with reality and propose other relevant updates” and present a proposal for the General Assembly in 2023.

The proposal intends to update the statutes to be in line with current practices, and wording has been modernized. Overlaps with other documents, including the ISCA Strategy and its introduction ‘Our beliefs’, have been avoided.

The ISCA Executive Committee established a working group consisting of

  • Helen Vost (Youth Sport Trust and ISCA Vice President),
  • István Kulisity (Lawyer, Hungarian School Sport Federation),
  • Mogens Kirkeby (ISCA President),
  • Jacob Schouenborg (ISCA Secretary General).

From January to June 2023 the working group held three online meetings and presented the results at two ISCA Executive Committee meetings the 9th of April and 22nd of June 2023.

You can read the current Statutes here:

Proposal for new ISCA Statutes

Justification of the proposal


ISCA President

ISCA Europe report



ISCA North America report



ISCA Asia report



ISCA Africa report

Maria Luiza SOUZA DIAS


ISCA Latin America report

Elena Garcia Morales

Finance Manager

ISCA Accounts 2021 and 2022

Jacob Schouenborg

Secretary General

Budget Proposal 2023-2025

Jacob Schouenborg

Secretary General

(Operated by ISCA since October 2023)


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