Eu-PALS Platform

The European Physical Activity Label for Schools

Eu-PALS Platform

The European Physical Activity Label for Schools (Eu-PALS) project is aimed at establishing a European physical activity label for schools which would first and foremost ensure schools the opportunity to compare and evaluate their sport and physical activity related programs and practices to other schools’ in other European countries in order to be able to fully utilize possibilities to provide space, time and opportunities for students to be physically active.


The objective of the project is to increased participation of pupils in physical activity programs in European Union member states. The European physical activity label will focus on three different dimensions and should involve indicators from three neighbouring fields:

Physical education in schools (seen as an educational course and part of the curriculum), from the quality P.E. perspective

Extracurricular physical activity programs with focus on health-enhancing physical activity – hereinafter: HEPA - organized in or by the schools or pupils themselves

School sport (competitive and non-competitive sport activities and events in or between schools)

Eu-PALS Platform & ISCA

ISCA is part of the Eu-PALS Platform project. ISCA is a global platform open to organisations working within the field of sport for all, recreational sports and physical activity.

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