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MOVE Week Latin America turns 10!

By Rachel Payne and Sesc São Paulo

This week, the 10th edition of MOVE Week is being celebrated in Latin America with thousands of free activities being held across the continent from 17-25 September, including a special continental MOVE Congress. ISCA President Mogens Kirkeby, Secretary General Jacob Schouenborg and the ISCA Executive Committee are in Rio de Janeiro this week to be part of the action. Free online registration is still open for the MOVE Congress Latin America here.

ISCA member Sesc São Paulo has been the driving force behind Semana MOVE since 2013, meaning that our hallmark physical activity event MOVE Week has been #MOVINGPeople in Central and South America thanks to dedicated MOVERs in over 10 Latin American countries every year. One of the main movements on the continent aimed at combating sedentary lifestyles, Semana MOVE encourages and promotes being active for health and social wellbeing.

10 is the magic number in 2022, as Semana MOVE events will be held in 10 countries (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela), where national coordinators are activating their local cities, institutions, schools, clubs and other organisers to get involved.

FindYourMOVE and do it your way
This year, the Semana MOVE programme is being divided into five areas of interest: MOVE Zen, MOVE Academia, MOVE Esportes, MOVE Água and MOVE Criança, so that each participant can choose to experience different types activities whilst being part of the campaign as a whole. The overall theme is “Do it your way”, which perfectly echoes the international slogan #FindYourMOVE.

In Brazil alone 2,000 activities will be offered free of charge around the country, 400 of them by Sesc São Paulo’s facilities. The programme will feature open classes, courses and meet-and-greet sessions with big names in national sport, among other options.

Carol Seixas, Physical and Sports Development Manager at Sesc São Paulo, considers the strategy of this edition as being “an effective way to promote healthy lifestyles and decrease the prevalence of sedentary lifestyles”. She adds that any participant “motivated by the event can identify the activity that best fits their daily life, which may be related to Sesc SP’s sports courses or the thousands of activities offered weekly by the hundreds of partners engaged in this movement”.

For Danilo Santos de Miranda, Director of Sesc São Paulo, “an educational flavour permeates all of Sesc’s initiatives in line with its organisational values. Events and campaigns that encourage the practice of physical activity in a diverse and inclusive way are examples of this. In the sports field, healthy lifestyle habits are the result of actions and conscious choices made by individuals. A more plural and unified society favours the integral development of human beings, which means promoting access to and the full exercise of rights and duties for the common good.”

Visit the offical Semana MOVE website, powered by ISCA

Sign up for the MOVE Congress Latin America online stream

Posted on 17/09/2022 by Rachel Payne and Sesc São Paulo


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