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International Day of Sport for Development and Peace calls for sport to address climate crisis - but how?


On the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace we’re joining the UN in its call to secure a sustainable and peaceful future for all people.

“Under this theme, UN Headquarters in New York will recognise the role of sport in addressing the climate crisis and will highlight actions to lower greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate against climate change,” the UN writes on its page for the Day. Is this possible? And if so, how?

ISCA President Mogens Kirkeby notes that children all over the world – both in developed and less developed communities – are feeling the burden of the climate crisis and the impact of the global pandemic on their mental wellbeing. Surely these challenges are too complex for sport and physical activity to solve. Or are they?

During the pandemic children’s physical activity levels also dropped by about 50% - so it’s obvious to help them restore their personal wellbeing first, Kirkeby says: “We are giving our children a huge task to restore the planet’s ‘well-being’. Together with this task, let’s give them tools and opportunities to ensure and enjoy personal well-being – through physical activity, play and sport. And help them connect the two!”

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Posted on 06/04/2022 by ISCA


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