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Active Ageing Festival event manual and guidelines now available

By Rachel Payne, ISCA

It’s never too late to be active and the Active Ageing Festival project led by ISCA member the Sports Union of Slovenia has now released a range of resources showing how moderate physical activity can help improve mental and social wellbeing, and prevent falls and non-communicable disease among the elderly.

The resources are intended to support community organisations in planning and implementing a one-day event or an event running over several days that includes accessible physical activities, workshops and intergenerational activities that encourage elderly people to be active. The Active Ageing Festival concept is meant to be open to a broad range of participants and it can also be adapted to specific settings such as senior citizen centres or other social clubs.

Active Ageing Festival Event Manual
The 21-page Active Ageing Festival manual covers everything event organisers need to know about planning a physical activity festival for seniors: from deciding on the target age group of the participants, to designing an event schedule, legal considerations, transport, budgeting and human resources, and ensuring the sustainability of the event.

Physical Activity for Elderly People Guidelines
This short guide outlines the benefits of physical activity and recommendations of the types of activities that at suitable for elderly people, plus a one-page checklist for event organisers that complements the event manual.

Promotional videos
The project partners’ new promotional videos feature a couch potato’s transformation into a superhero when he puts his sneakers on and goes out to exercise. Putting on sneakers and a basketball jersey may not guarantee instant fitness, but we all know that every move counts!

Visit the Active Ageing Festival website for more information

The Active Ageing Festival is an Erasmus+ project supported by the European Commission and its partners include the Sports Union of Slovenia (lead), ISCA, Association Sport for All Suceava (Romania) and Sports club Udarni list (Slovenia).

Posted on 02/03/2022 by Rachel Payne, ISCA


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