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MOVE Week 2020: Physically distanced – socially connected

By Laska Nenova, ISCA

The 9th MOVE Week is set to take place from 25-31 May this year and, like No Elevators Day, ISCA is gathering its community of NowWeMOVE campaign MOVE Agents online to showcase the benefits of physical activity and help people find their move.

We believe that MOVE Week carries a particularly important message at this time, to keep moving for our health and wellbeing and to share how we enjoy being active. And to stay socially connected whilst being physically distanced. Allowing consideration for the different realities in our countries, and the different restrictions on using public space and outdoor facilities in our cities, this year’s MOVE Week, like many events, will look a little different.

MOVE Week will keep its format of seven days of events registered on the website, but these events can be in-person and/or digital.

Digital innovations to MOVE Week in 2020:

  • To invite MOVE Agents to register “events” by adding a video YouTube link to your recorded workouts. With this, we aim to create the most extensive library for free workout videos and amplify your efforts to keep your communities active.
  • To launch the MOVE Week Gym: seven days of live workouts provided by ISCA members and MOVE Agents, including you!
  • To offer MOVE Agents opportunities to connect in online webinars during and after the week.

In-person participation:

In addition to the new digital aspects of MOVE Week, we will also keep the option open to implement in-person events following your national re-opening regulations. Some countries allow smaller gatherings of 5, 10 or 20 people, in some countries maybe even bigger gatherings. So, this year the aim is not to organise large scale events, but to advocate strongly for the benefits of physical activity for health. Still, we ask the ones who decide to hold events to share them with us by registering at

The resources on the MOVE Week website are updated and two new pages on the MOVE Week website will be launched soon:

  • MOVE Week Gym
  • MOVE Week webinars

We will continue working on the website in the lead-up to the Week, so please follow for updates. A call for MOVE Agents will also be launched soon with more information about how to get involved.

Save the dates and stay tuned!

By Laska Nenova, NowWeMOVE Campaign Manager

Posted on 06/05/2020 by Laska Nenova, ISCA


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