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ISCA meets 26 Chinese grassroots sport stakeholders as MOVE Transfer EU-China project begins

By Rachel Payne, ISCA

ISCA President Mogens Kirkeby and Head of Projects Saska Benedicic Tomat had a full schedule last week when they visited China to meet the Chinese partners of the new EU-supported MOVE Transfer EU-China project. The seven-day trip opened doors not only to a new grassroots sport culture, but to a wealth of new partnerships in Beijing, Nanjing and Hong Kong.

These partnerships span across sectors, from the government ministries to universities, schools and grassroots sport assocations. And the grassroots sport leaders who will be selected for the project’s EU-China exchanges will also get an opportunity to visit some of these sites later in 2019, as well as the MOVE Congress in October.

The first visit was to the Chinese Vice Minister for Sport and World Skate Asia President Mr. Liu Guoyong in Beijing. This was followed by visits to 26 institutions, associations, federations and unions, plus three active schools in Nanjing.

Pictured are some of the highlights from the tour, where ISCA visited the following stakeholders:



All China Sports Science Research Institute

Beijing Sports University

QingHua University

Beijing Health Science Technology Limited

Beijing Capital University of Physical Education and Sports, China

Training Department of the Chinese Mountaineering Association

Orienteering Branch of Federation of University Sports of China (FUSC)

Study Trips and Camp Education Professional Committee, Department of Physical Education, Peking University

Interactive Sports Technology Invention, Beijing

YMCA Beijing



Jinling Exercise and Health Promotion Alliance (JEHPA) and their stakeholders,

Sports science and physical education college, Nanjing Normal University

Department of exercise and health science, Nanjing Sport Institute

Nanjing Health Industry Co

Nanjing Network of Innovative Technology

Digital Fitness Industry

Sport Fitness Association

Asian Outdoor Trade Association


Hong Kong

Hong Kong Gymnastics Association

Hong Kong Skating Union

Hong Kong Karatedo Federation

Hong Kong Bodybuilding and Fitness Association

Hong Kong Mountaineering and Climbing Union

Hong Kong Sports Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability

Hong Kong Faculty of Education, University of Macau


Watch this space for more news about the MOVE Transfer EU-China project and register for the MOVE Congress 2019 for exclusive insights from some of these stakeholders into grassroots sport and physical activity in China.

By Rachel Payne, ISCA

Photos: Saska Benedicic Tomat, ISCA

Posted on 21/05/2019 by Rachel Payne, ISCA


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