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MOVING AGE: Networking for constructive partnerships in active ageing


The expected impact of demographic changes on society has pushed the topic of ageing high on the political agenda all over the world. Despite the overwhelmingly positive evidence of the benefits of physical activity, rates of physical inactivity remain unacceptably high, especially among elderly people.

The recent Eurobarometer (2013) report on sport and physical activity mentioned that 70% of the 55+ age group rarely or never exercise or play sport, while 57% rarely or never engage in other physical activities. It also showed that physical activity levels tend to decrease markedly after people turn 40.
The challenge to promote physical activity for elderly people is too big for one stakeholder only and even for the sport sector alone! Building constructive partnerships between different stakeholders and sectors is therefore the natural step forward.
As a regular cooperation between sport-related organisations on an international level in the area of active ageing does not exist so far, ISCA has offered to set up an appropriate network. This was recently launched during the MOVE Congress 2014 in Rome, under the name of “MOVING Age”.
The mission of the MOVING Age Network is to stimulate and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and good practices in sport and physical activity for elderly people.
In addition to this, the main objectives of the network are:
•  To regularly exchange knowledge and experience between network partners.
•  To collect and to disseminate existing knowledge on active ageing via digital tools.
•  To promote and to initiate partnerships inside the network and with cross-sector stakeholders/networks.
•  To stimulate new projects among the network’s partners.
•  To recruit new network partners.
•  To provide expertise/experts for advice and consultation.
The MOVING Age Network is open to all entities from inside and outside the sport-sector with an interest in promoting physical activity and sport among elderly people. Until now, 20 entities have already registered as partners in the network.
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