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What would you like to learn from the MOVE Congress 2013?


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Mr. Günther Grohall SpEA - SportsEconAustria

The most important question for me right now is actually an answer for this question: "How to connect all the different aspects of sport in a net-like fashion? E.g. How do different kinds of sport affect health which in turn decreases health care costs?"

Mr. Herbert Hartmann Vice-President of ISCA, Germany

I’m very expectant to the MOVE-Congress 2013. The announcement creates high expectations and seems to be very ambitious. The congress-program aims to bring together a wide range of stakeholders and protagonists from different sectors, who strive for more physical activity and grassroots sport – entities that went in the past more or less separate paths. Particular in this regard I expect to gain more knowledge and expertise, if and how such different and diverse sectors will be able to build up synergies and common initiatives for the promotion of physical activity and grassroots sport, as one of the universal aims of the congress is to interpret social and economic changes as opportunities for physical activity promotion and to outline attractive, innovative cross-sector initiatives in this regard. As a leading representative of a sport-organisation I’m convinced, that a key-word for a prospective future development in our field of action is . I hope the MOVE-Congress 2013 will give us a lot of inspiration.

Mr. Jean Camy University of Lyon, France

Move Congresses are outstanding opportunities for academics like me to share views on the development of 'sport for all' with people in charge of its development worldwide… I am convinced that Move Congress 2013 in Barcelona with its three related key words 'Changes, Opportunities and Innovations' will give to all of us enough material to significantly enrich our thoughts and practices for the following year!

Ms. Kelly  D. Murumets President & CEO/Présidente et chef de la direction, ParticipACTION, Canada

At the MOVE Congress 2013, I would like to learn the successes of my colleagues in countries around the world, i.e. how they are getting their constituents more physically active. I would like to get the names of five new friends in the sector, to know more about their experiences and to be inspired by them. For me it will be important to use the Congress network to understand better what our ISCA members need and want and expect from and of their Executives, so that we can be the highest performing Executives of all time.

Ms. Maria Luiza Souza Dias Manager of Physical and Sportive Development, SESC São Paulo, and ISCA Vice President, Brazil

"The Congress brings us a challenging theme and its main purpose is to meet the expectations of the participants.

The Sport for All universe is dominated by strategic actions that influence the lives of many people but are also influenced by a global context - the context as we live in this moment of crisis in many parts of the world that is often translated into mega-changes, political, ideological, economic, but mainly social changes.


In line with these movements we can see many opportunities and observe the growing need for creating innovative approaches (contagious effects) to engage more people in social movements which promote the practice of physical activity and Sport for All.


In this sense, I would like to point out two challenges:


  • Establish innovative strategies for sharing good practices present in several global institutions that will undoubtedly enrich discussions and bring important learning opportunities.
  • Search for possible future longer lasting interactions to co-create mobilizing and resilient proposals.


"The best way to predict the future is to create it" - Peter Drucker

Co-create the future may be even better ....

Dom Cabral magazine

Ms. Sylvia Schenk Senior Advisor for Sport, Transparency International Germany

I would like to learn how we can help grassroots sport organizations to improve their governance thus making their valuable work even more effective.

Mr. Thierry Zintz Chairman at European Observatoire of Sport and Employment, EOSE, Belgium

Since the goal of the Congress is to find new ways of engaging people in physical activity and grassroots sport worldwide, I would like to share my perceptions, experiences and knowledge and to understand those of other stakeholders. My academic work and my engagement on the field allow me to see major opportunities for change by innovation in this field. This is why I consider the MOVE Congress 2013 as a great opportunity.

Mr. Walter Brehm Vice-president for general gymnastics in the German Gymnastic-Federation (DTB), Germany

For me, the MOVE Congress 2013 will again be a splendid communication platform - for the development of sport for all concepts as well as for professional organisation and intercultural cooperation in this field!

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