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Innovative methods for MOVE Congress 2013 sessions


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The mission of the MOVE Congress 2013 is to promote communication and interaction among participants, speakers and moderators by using innovative methods and techniques within the broad framework of information and communication technology such as: keynote speeches, interactive debates, video presentations, talk shows, interview sessions, informal talks, round table debates, the Open Market Fair, a Business-to-Business Market, a debate ‘boxing ring’, the MOVE Congress 2013 networking lunch, the MOVE Congress Talktail Hour, the MOVE Congress Gala and NowWeMove Award Show, the MOVE Congress 2013 hearing and ACTIVE Network Study tour.

The Congress will bring different sectors involved in the global promotion of physical activity, including sport and health, together under one roof to share innovative tools and methods for the strategic discussions and cross-sector networking under the following main themes: Leadership and Innovations in the Global Market, the Social Economy of Sport and Innovative Partnerships.

Beside the 3 plenary sessions, the MOVE Congress 2013 will include 4 parallel sessions and 8 interactive workshops on specific topics:

  • Cross sector policies and physical activity promotion
  • Physical activity and inclusion programs
  • Communication campaigns and social media context
  • Human capital of new professionals/volunteers in sport
  • Outdoor activities and new profile of participants in physical activity
  • Sport facility management
  • Active Aging
  • Grassroots sports organisations and young entrepreneurs
  • Good Governance in Grassroots Sport

Above all, the MOVE Congress 2013 offers you:

1. The chance to learn from the speakers’ remarkable stories of successful changes, opportunities and innovations

2. Unique networking opportunities

You won’t want to miss it!

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