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ACTIVE Network Multilateral Exchange Bucharest, Romania, 14-16 June 2013


ISCA’s ACTIVE Network project was launched in February 2013 and the first of its five multilateral exchanges will be hosted by the Romanian Sport for All Association in Bucharest on 14-16 June 2013.

“We would you like to know how different organisations and local municipalities in Europe develop strategic goals and directions in the promotion of physical activity and social wellbeing, and how they plan, implement and monitor the activities, campaigns and partnerships,” ACTIVE Network project partners expressed at the kick off meeting in February 2013.

The ACTIVE Network project has identified that partnerships between local authorities and sport organisations are of such critical value – and yet often very challenging and demanding – that it would be beneficial to create a European network for such partnerships to flourish. These partnerships are examples of GOs and NGOs that focus on their respective competencies and deliver services to citizens of critical value.

The project, focused on partnerships between local authorities and sport organisations, allows for a more innovative approach to these partnerships and to spread good practices to other localities in each particular country. The first of five multilateral exchanges using this innovative approach will be held in Bucharest, Romania on 14-16 June 2013, hosted by Romanian Sport for All Association.

Representatives from ISCA will meet ten project managers from sport organisations and local authorities (from sport departments) from six different countries to attain:

• a knowledge base of an active role in enhancing physical activity and social wellbeing as well as generating positive publicity for organisations, cities and communities via campaigns;

• knowledge of how to develop and support strategies to promote physical activity and social wellbeing;

• the European scope for creating an overview of trends, barriers and opportunities for increasing physical activity and social wellbeing; and

• excellent networking opportunities and a structured and engaged programme.

ACTIVE Network project partners will meet and work with experts from the Romanian Ministry of Sport and Youth, Romanian National Olympic Committee, School and University Sports Federation/Romanian Ministry of Education, proVelo Bicycles and other local authorities from Romania. Special guests are also invited from Ukraine and Moldova.


The ACTIVE Network project and Multilateral Exchange in Romania are receiving support from the European Commission, Education and Culture DG, under the “2012 Preparatory Action in the Field of Sport”.

Topic: Awareness-raising about effective ways of promoting sport at municipal level.

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