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European Youth and Sport Forum 2012 hears from European Commissioner

This is the key message sent by Androulla Vassiliou, European Commissioner responsible for education, youth and sport, who made us the honour to answer to our questions on the occasion of the European Youth and Sport Forum 2012.

She gave us an insight to the future of EU sport and youth policy and expressed her wish to create more synergies.

With the new EU programme for education, training, youth and sport, named Erasmus for All, can we expect a strong focus on youth in the future sport policy?

AV: "Yes, the proposed Erasmus for All programme will support the EU's youth and sport policies as set out in our strategy for developing the European dimension in sport and the EU Youth Strategy. The new programme will provide funding for young people, volunteers and youth workers as well as for sport organisations at grassroots level. As youth and sport will be part of the same programme, synergies between the two will increase."


What are the EU priorities in this field and what do you expect from the EYSF2012?

AV: "Many young Europeans are very interested in sport and practise sport in school, clubs or during their leisure time. They – as well as those we wish to encourage to do more – are one of the main target groups of the EU's policies dealing with the promotion of health-enhancing physical activity, gender equality, education and fight against discrimination and violence in sport. I hope that the EYSF 2012 will be an inspiring meeting with many fruitful discussions among youth leaders that will significantly contribute to youth and sport policy-making at European level."


Can the EYSF Declaration realistically bring any changes to the youth and sport sectors?

AV: "The development of youth and sport is a political process. Statements and policy papers produced by organisations and people involved in youth and sport are welcome and can have a real impact on decision makers.  So I am looking forward to receiving the 2012 EYSF Declaration."


Can we imagine a common Forum in the coming years, that would gather together youth and senior sport stakeholders, and that would build bridges between generations?

AV: "I think that solid bridges exist already between the two fora. ENGSO Youth and ISCA, the two organisations responsible for the EYSF2012, are invited to the EU Sport Forum every year. I am delighted that they participate very actively and express views from a youth perspective. I believe that in these difficult times of tough budget constraints we should try to use the existing EU Sport Forum and avoid creating new structures."

Interview by Carole Ponchon, on behalf of the EYSF organising partners


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