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ISCA Annual Report 2012


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On the occasion of ISCA’s General Assembly 2012, ISCA’s Annual Report 2012 has been officially released.

2012 has seen new paths open up for ISCA and its partners to get more people active. We believe that challenges should be turned into opportunities in order to give the best impulse to get society moving.

This Annual Report has been designed to offer you a clear picture of the action plan we followed during the past year. Indeed it provides a comprehensive insight into ISCA’s work, both with respect to political priorities, achievements and the numerous international projects that have been implemented throughout the past year.

Furthermore, the report features the President’s address calling for cross-sector collaboration and partnerships. It also includes financial pointers regarding the organisation’s financial development.

The report is available in print and online. Request your hard copy at [email protected] or download the Annual Report 2012 below.


Download the ISCA Annual Report 2012 here (PDF, 5.55 MB)

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