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Statements by MOVE2012 impact players


Statements by MOVE 2012 impact players

Participants, speakers, moderators and volunteers shared with us their visions and experiences of the event.

A platform to open new frontiers

“It think this congress is important to talk about sport in different contexts of the world, besides discussions there was possibility to present works (posters) and learn about other people work.”
Alessandra Nascimento- volunteer from Brazil

“It is my first time attending a MOVE Congress and I enjoyed very much the social side of the event and the possibility of sharing ideas both from Brasilian and European point of view.”
Marina Ivanovic – participant from Serbia

“It is challenging to work together and could be difficult to communicate because we all come from various background and different culture (both in terms of organisations and as individuals). But the opportunity here is that we have a simple framework than can speak to all organisations and citizens.”

Lisa MacCallum Carter– speaker from Australia

“Everything we do is all about partnership, this is the key message of the MOVE Congress 2012! Jump every day out of your bed and get inspiration from one another, together we can change the world.”
Kelly Murumets – speaker from Canada

A forum to raise new ideas and think again

“Some of the speakers in the last couple of days have given me ideas in how to reach other levels and organizations. It offered me a new vision and some promising paths to turn this vision into action.”
Gerard Davenport - participant from Ireland

“The MOVE Congress 2012 is a tremendous opportunity to heat up the debate about legacy, go further in the reflection and make sure it goes beyond sport while aiming at a general increase in well being.”
Andres Tompson – speaker from Argentina

“Volunteering leads to positive changes in people's lives: bringing communities together, increasing a person's sense of pride and belonging, in turn impacting positively on their health and well-being. The 20 MOVE Congress 2012 volunteers gave great contribution to the Congress with sharing time, knowledge and experiences. We thank all of them for that.”
Saska Benedicic Tomat, Congress  coordinator from Slovenia

A momentum to leverage and celebrate the power of sport

“The quality of life that sport brings you is something we need to further promote. This is exactly what I foresee in the “MOVE Brasil” campaign launched on the occasion of this Congress and I shall congratulate you for this initiative and last but not least for this amazing forum!”
Daniel Dias – speaker from Brazil

“Leveraging the sport effect is about collaboration and knowledge sharing. The MOVE Congress 2012 is a huge forum providing the room needed."

Tom Pinchon – speaker from United Kingdom

“Go and tell the world the story the story of participative sport! The MOVE Congress 2012 has showed how powerful sport as a social currency can be. I t is now time to share sport emotion and passion.”

Patrick Maitrot – speaker from France

A focal point to set up the future of sport for all

“During this congress it was obvious that we should THINK GLOBAL while elaborating campaigns and initiatives that can make more people active. I see as well that we have to ACT LOCAL and serve our organisations to provide them innovative and relevant tools as well as inspiration for new activities.”

Herbert Hartman – participant from Germany

“Unlocking the potential of sport and physical activity is calling for a strategy that is not a 100 meter sprint but a marathon. It is promising to see that MOVE Congress 2012 participants are ready to commit themselves on a long term basis.”
Jens Sejer Andersen – moderator from Denmark

“The MOVE Congress 2012 has clearly showed that we shall work towards changing the sport paradigm and moving away from competitive sport towards more inclusive sport based on fun, enjoyment and personal development.”
Simon Koh – speaker from Malaysia

“Through our work at MOVE Congress 2012 and beyond, we want to create a legacy that transcends the big events.”
Ana Moser – speaker from Brazil

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