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GGGS workshop Copenhagen 18-19 March 2012


The Workshop gave time and space for further discussion between GGGS Partners to improve the coordination in good governance cross Europe. The workshop was an opportunity to discuss principles in governance in sport and to discuss recommendations for the most important topic that we want to be developed into a unique education program targeted specifically for grassroots sport.

GGGS Project partners defined project goals and plan and we shared our visions and challenges with other SPORTVISION2012 participants.

The GGGS project views Good Governance in the light of four key principles:

Democracy in grassroots sport organizations means the open and frequent access for members of the organizations to influence the political and strategic direction and leadership of the organization. It entails both the equal right of members to run and vote for political leadership functions, as well as the possibility to debate and influence the key decisions of the organization.
• Transparency in grassroots sport organizations ensure that members as well as stakeholders know how the organization is operating and have a vehicle to address concerns. In included organizations keeping accounts and ensuring policies and procedures are published.
• Accountability in grassroots sport organizations means defining clear responsibilities for the different parts of the organization, including the board, the management, staff and volunteers/ voluntary committees.
• Inclusiveness in the representation of interested stakeholders means that grassroots sport organizations should enable a broad range of groups to be involved in decision making processes. This includes the involvement of underrepresented groups in decisions, the access of these groups to activities, and the inclusion of external stakeholders in decision-making processes.

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