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SPORTVISION2012 start-up videos featuring Danish Minister for Culture


Two weeks from SPORTVISION2012, the conference consortium is delighted to present a series of Conference start-up videos, featuring among others the Danish Minister of Culture and the conference organisers presenting the three thematic tracks, namely Volunteering, Fitness Doping and Financing & Health. Check-out the sneak preview on their contributions.

The Danish Minister for Culture, Uffe Elbæk, stresses the importance of grassroot sport and knowledge sharing. "So much is happening when it comes to grassroots sport. There are exciting projects around in Europe. I would like to make a platform where we can share those experiences."

See the Danish Minister for Culture video's below :

Videos from the partners of the different tracks are also online. You can find them on the following links :

- Volunteering track // Jacob Schouenborg - International Sport and Culture Association:

- Fitness Doping track // Lone Hansen - Anti Doping Denmark :

- Financing & Health // Niels Nygaard - National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederations
   for Company Sports :

- Financing & Health // Peder Bisgaard - Danish Federation for Company Sports :

- Financing & Health // Søren Møller - Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations :

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