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ISCA General Assembly 2011 - A world of sport for all


Members unanimously adopt the President's report and the strategic priorities for 2012

ISCA members expressed their support to pursue the actual two-fold strategy of action and advocacy. The past year has shown that the combination of these two pillars produced excellent results, as the visibility, credibility, and impact of the organisation can be fully deployed. ISCA president, Mogens Kirkeby explained that "in a nutshell the strategy is build on,

# The project work serving as laboratory to develop the sport political agenda and create tangible results in the international and national Sport for All field.

# The advocacy work performing as the voice of the Sport for All sector towards international institutions, influencing the international debate and helping to shape policies."

Further the President affirmed that ISCA will develop the international cooperation on a continental basis. "We will strengthen the Continental Committees in Asia, Latin America and Europe as the vehicle for this development, as well as will intensify our effort in North America and Africa through partnerships with potent regional partners."

Adopted 18 new members

The ISCA General Assembly was most pleased to welcome 18 members within the organisation, namely

# Spolint Institute, Slovenia, International

# Japan Union of Masters Baseball, Japan, National

# World O-Sport Federation, Iran, International

# Federation International de Tchoukball, Taiwan, International

# Hapkido International Federation Iran, Iran, International

# Association of sports animation and recreation of Serbia, Serbia, Regional

# Instituto Fazer Acontecer, Brazil, Regional

# Universidade São Judas, Brazil, Regional

# YMCA, Brazil, National

# Gymnastics Association of Hong Kong, China, Regional

# South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture, Scotland, Regional

# Club Deportivo Mutualista El Lao, Chile, Regional

# Sport for All Association, HaSharon Region, Israel, Regional

# Helena Disabled Sports Club, Nigeria, Regional

As ISCA is continuously growing, the diversity within its membership has equally grown over the past years. The General Assembly mandated the Executive Committee to review the membership structure and make a consolidated and inclusive suggestion for reform to the General Assembly 2012.

Elections of ISCA's Executive Committee

The 2011 General Assembly agenda featured the election of ISCA's Executive Committee. The assembly elected,


# Mogens Kirkeby (nominated by Danish Gymnastics Associations, Denmark)



# Herbert Hartmann (nominated by Deutscher Turner Bund, Germany)

# Maria Luiza Souza Dias (nominated by Servico Social Comercio, SESC sp, Brazil)


Members (in order of longest serving, followed by date of nomination):

# Jean-Claude Arnaud (nominated by Union Sportive de l’Enseignement de Premier Degré USEP, France)

# Liliana Ortiz de la Cruz (nominated by Compensar, Colombia)

# Rado Cvetek (nominated by Sport Union of Slovenia)

# Sin Yin Cheung (nominated by The Gymnastics Association of Hong Kong, China)

# Toni Llop (nominated by Unio Barcelonina d’Associacions Esportives, UBAE Catalonia

Continental chairpersons

# Elizabeth Paoliello (UNICAMP, Brazil) Latin America

# Filippo Fossati (Unione Italiana Sport per Tutti, Italy) Europe

# N. Shanmugarajah (South East Asian Gymnastics Confederation, Malaysia) Asia

The new Executive Committee was pleased to get started on the new mandate and looked very optimistically into the year 2012 as both the budget and the working plan laid down are very promising.

Among others, ISCA Secretary General Jacob Schouenborg presented the outline of the recently approved Good Governance in Grassroots Sports project that will investigate good practices and guidelines to set standards for the management and transparency of grassroots sport organisations.

See you in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2012

The Servico Social Comercio, SESC invited all ISCA member organisations and partners to join next year's General Assembly will take place on the 27 October 2012 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Accordingly, the General Assembly will be held in relation with the MOVE2012 World Congress.

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