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MOVE2011: Promoting active citizenship through physical activity


Citizenship education is at the very core of our work

Mr. Eric Favey, Deputy Secretary General emphasized that "citizenship education is at the very core of our work at La Ligue de l’Enseignement as it is here were we build the turf of our collective playing field." Favey identified six drivers that advance the demand for a new societal contract as the structure of today's society is challenged by

# globalisation as a driver of cultural diversification

# the limitations of our world as a driver for sustainability

# the acceleration of knowledge as a driver for innovation

# inequality as a driver for societal disconnectivity

# individualization and autonomy as driver for choice and consumerism

# increased lifetime as a driver for demographic challenges

As our society is changing and the commercialization of the human domain is sincerely challenged by global economy, Favey calls for a collective effort to improve the quality and diversity of educational offers. He resumes by stating that "we need to re-conquer human senses and promote learning by the use of all senses. A renewed societal contract needs to foster the improvement of human relations and train young people to master social skills at a very high level. The individual finds itself isolated in a group that lacks social skills and it is our job as educators, trainers and teachers to help young people and their parents to learn these skills."

We need stronger ethics of responsibility for society and the environment

According to Favey, change will only happen through grassroots and therefore NGOs need to remind their respective governments to reposition the citizen in the centre of any collective project or policy. "We need stronger ethics of responsibility for society and the environment, as today's society are facing the consequences of lacking responsibility and the value-destruction driven by Limited Responsibility."

Jean-Louis Boujon, member of the board of the European think tank Sport and Citizenship, adds that "being a part of a team is to be a part of a contract, to be a part of a collective project, as one can't play football on its own. We need to promote the untouchable dignity of the human as a part of a larger society and we believe that sport and culture are magical tools to do so."

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