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EuroVolNet Seminar


Europe needs projects like EuroVolNet

"Europe needs projects like EuroVolNet", said Jacob Kornbeck from DG Education and Culture Sport  who was one of the key speakers at the EuroVolNet Seminar  in Chatham, UK, 6–8.5.2011,  hosted by University of Kent.

The Seminar gave time and space for further discussion between EuroVolNet Partners and other relevant institutions and organizations to improve coordination in volunteering cross Europe.  The seminar was also an opportunity to discuss strategic challenges in volunteering and to discuss recommendations for the European Commission in light of project experiences.

During 2 days seminar, we were searching for the models that can enable the development of effective volunteering that meets the organization’s needs; empower volunteers to fulfil their potential and meet their own needs; and enable volunteer managers to access appropriate support.

Check-out the full EUROVOLNET seminar report.

6 good examples from national level on volunteering were presented during different workshops. The results of workshops were many different kinds and the most important was that we  got knowledge of each other situation. We worked hard to get a shared understanding of the situation, needs and desires. This understanding was constructed from first-hand experience of the talking, doing and making during the workshop.

You can find workshop results in the EuroVolNet Seminar report attached below.

EuroVolNet partners were unique in developing further project activities:
  # To point out and to promote the values of volunteering in sport
  # To improve recognition
  # To remove barriers
  # To improve motivation
  # And in general: to improve management strategies!

EuroVolNet Report & Results of the Chatham Seminar (PDF, 0.85 MB)

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