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ISCA Workplan 2010


Join the World of Sport for All

2010 will be an exceptionally exciting year for International Sport and Culture Association and for all our member organizations and partners. The video above features the main lines of ISCA’s work programme for 2010.

ISCA is about developing Sport for All and its organisations world-wide via international inspiration and cooperation. A cooperation where you both give and receive.

If YOU are working with sport and physical activity – no matter if you are from the Governmental, non-governmental or private sector; and if YOU want to develop your work using international cooperation, then ISCA has something of interest for you!

Projects for 2010

The SANTE - Sport Action NeTwork of Europe project is a European-wide initiative fostering health-enhancing physical activity. 16 partner organisations - sport for all organizations, cities and universities - have already joined SANTE. ISCA is open to welcome even more project partners – and you are most welcome to join us!

The project provides a framework for sharing and developing good practices in health-enhancing physical activity programmes and concepts. This means that all the participating organizations will learn from the most innovative strategies, projects and interventions in Sport for All and physical activity across Europe.

SANTE provides opportunities to share and to network.

That means that ISCA will be organizing a long range of activities where representatives and experts from many different sectors will meet to share their experiences – and give impetus to new initiatives for a more active Europe.

  • We organize a Kick-Off meeting on 5-7 March where partners and interested organizations can identify their preferred development areas for the SANTE project – and thereby use the project for their own development.
  • We organize Political Forums where political leaders and managers in Sport for All can discuss the strategic and political issues that are on top of the agenda. These Sport Political Forums will define and deliver messages and statements to political stakeholders in Europe.
  • We organize seminars on relevant topics, such as
  • quality management in health activities,
  • health activities targeted the elderly,
  • cooperation between cities and sport associations,
  • fundraising for health activities.
  • We organize a large scale international congress – that will take place October 20-24 in Franfurt and feature education and health as main topics. So book those dates immediately.

Sport and Cultures in Dialogue is a regional project focused on the Balkans. With support from the EU Citizens’ programme, ISCA will organize seminars in Macedonia, Albania, Croatia and Slovenia to discuss how sport contributes to civil society development. A strong civil society is a necessity for a strong society and a strong economy, and it leads to European integration and concrete preparation of the region with regard to an eventual EU membership. We foresee that a lot of people from organizations both in the Balkan countries and from the rest of Europe will join these seminars. Not just to discuss, but also to find partners and define next steps to use Sport for All in this development perspective. If you are interested in this region – let us know; you are welcome to join too!

ISCA Youth seminars. As an organisation ISCA has a long term focus on youth work. We believe that non-formal education of young people is a key to develop Sport for All and its organizations in the future. Indeed the young people are the future of Sport for All, and in 2010, we will organize week-long youth trainings and seminars in Slovenia, Germany, Serbia, Romania and Belgium. Consider joining or promoting these fantastic and very low cost opportunities of participation.

Well, these were just some of the projects that ISCA will run on the European continent. But keep in mind that our projects are not all we do. We do indeed have exciting offers also outside Europe. Consider for instance the Gymnastics Forum in Brazil and other festivals, exchanges, seminars ISCA members and partners are providing in 2010. The idea behind ISCA is that the events are open – anyone can join.

You are also welcome to join one of the thematic networks of ISCA. Thematic networks are groups of organizations that work together to identify development opportunities in specific fields. At the moment ISCA hosts networks for as diverse fields as sport facility management, senior activities, health, youth, sport and environment, badminton, gymnastics, and active children. .

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