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ISCA Europe sees the light!



During the ISCA General Assembly, a new working structure for ISCA in Europe was adopted. The new structure involves all European members of ISCA and is governed by a steering group of three people. One Chairperson and two steering committee members.

For Chairperson (with no further nominations received) was elected
  •  Filippo Fossati, President of UISP (Unione Italiana Sport per Tutti)

For Steering Committee membership there was a very close election among the nominated candidates, and the following candidates were elected
  •  Benny Andreasen, DGI (Danish Gymnastics and Sport Associations)
  •  Jean-Claude Besnard, UFOLEP (Union Française des Oeuvres Laïques d'Education Physique)

The three persons have a one-year term, and will be working to fulfill the mandate defined here.

Filippo Fossati stated after the election “I am grateful for the support of the European members of ISCA to let me chair ISCA Europe. I am approaching this task with humility as well as with high ambition. I am convinced that a stronger political voice for Sport for All is needed in Europe, and together with the Steering Committee members and the membership of ISCA in Europe, I am sure we can make a big difference”.

Mogens Kirkeby, President of ISCA, states “I am very happy to see ISCA Europe take off with a competent Chairperson and Steering Committee. 2010 will be an exciting year, and I am sure that ISCA Europe will contribute significantly to the further development of Sport for All in Europe. With the recent grants provided to ISCA by the European Commission – not least from the European Commission's Sport Unit – there is a lot of activities coming up in 2010 to to complement the work of ISCA Europe.”

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