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New grants awarded to ISCA


ISCA gets grant from the European Commission - Sport Unit - Health Projects

ISCA has received a grant of 295.000 Euro from the Sport Unit of the European Commission for the Project SANTE (Sport Action NeTwork of Europe). The project will start in December 2009 and continue to March 2011. ISCA Secretary General Jacob Schouenborg: “This project will be an important instrument for ISCA to further develop our work to enhance cross-sector cooperation in sport and health-enhancing physical activity. We aim to reach more partners nationally and internationally from not only sport but also patients’ associations, municipalities, industrial stakeholders, schools and more. I would like already now to extend an open invitation to all interested organizations to join the project. This is not a closed club for the 18 project partners. Everyone is invited!

For more information about SANTE, please contact Jacob Schouenborg.

ISCA gets grant from the European Commission - Citizenship programme

ISCA is pleased to announce that the Citizenship Programme has granted ISCA project financial support of 93.000 Euro for the project “Sport and Cultures in Dialogue”. 11 national sport organizations from 10 European countries will facilitate a trans-national dialogue between citizens in existing EU member countries and citizens in candidate/potential candidate countries in South East Europe, focusing on the role of sport and sport organizations in developing strong civil societies. ISCA welcomes further organizations that would like to know more or engage in the project.

Please contact Hanne Müller  for further information about "Sport and Cultures in Dialogue".

ISCA gets grant from the European Commission - Youth in Action Programme

Continuing its focused work in the youth area, ISCA has recently received a grant of almost 60.000 Euro for a multi-measure youth project to run in 2010 and 2011. The grant will enable ISCA to implement two training seminars, one evaluation meeting and a number of activities to strengthen the networking of the young people active in youth and sport organizations.

For further information about ISCAs Youth work, please click here or contact Youth Network Coordinator Sorin Buruiana.

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