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Health and fitness - a priority


SUS President Miro Ukmar underlines the importance of Health and fitness initiatives

President of Sports Union of Slovenia Mr. Miro Ukmar expressed his respect to ISCA initiatives and activities for international understanding of Sport for All and for gathering together partners from whole Europe to PATHE.

"Sport for all, recreation and physical education are known to be an established value in today's modern time and space. They can represent and affect our lifestyle, lifelong learning, competition or be solely a simple game. But they can also contribute to a more recognizable identity of an individual, the society or even the state and improve the self-esteem of a child or an adolescent.

Together with our members, the Sports Union of Slovenia is striving for sport for all and physical education finding a proper place in our country. The Union offers comprehensive and high quality support to its members, develops new sports programmes and approaches, enforces and promotes sport as an important element of a quality lifestyle, and present itself as a socially responsible national sports organization. Within the framework of its work it carries out different projects and activities. The common goal is the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and active use of leisure time.

That is why we are very much engaged to PATHE project where we share, exchange experiences and knowledge and also plan and develop new approaches with SUS PATHE Collaborating partners from Serbia, Czech Republic and Italy.

I personally and in the name of SUS express our respect to ISCA and to PATHE Partners for the contribution to the European society` challenges and for pointed out that health and fitness related development should have priority in the organizations in the future."

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Interview with SUS Project leader Iztok Retar (PDF, 0.20 MB)

Interview with Czeck Sokol Project leader Vladimir Dostal (PDF, 0.18 MB)

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