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European Parliament votes on gambling market


European Parliament votes in favour of securing funding to sport

“When the members of the European Parliament by a overwhelming majority rejected the idea of creating an European single market for online gambling, they took political responsibility for funding of sport" says, ISCA president Mogens Kirkeby.

Funding for the grassroots sport is under pressure

“Funding for sport and in particular the funding for the grass-root sport is under pressure. So backing member states' right to decide on market liberalisation, sends the signal that funding to the sport sector is a political issue – and not alone depending on the liberalised and very little controlled on-line gaming market. It is good news” says Mogens Kirkeby.

On March 10, 2009 the European Parliament voted in favour for the member states right to regulate the specific gambling structures. The French government followed up on March 23 with a proposal for a law, which intends a strictly controlled opening of the online sports betting.

See European Parliament press here.

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