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PATHE takes up the challenge!


A European wide partnership

ISCA is proud to coordinate the PATHE project and engage skill-full sport managers and leaders in providing even greater health impact on European societies. The Associate Partners and Collaborating Partners are the core of the project. They have given their commitment to contribute to healthy nations in spite of all challenges.
Sports Union of Slovenia, Danish Gymnastic Association, UISP from Italy and USEP from France and ISCA as a Main Partner cooperate with Collaborating partners which come from: Czeck Rebublic, Iceland, Finland, Serbia, Italy , Portugal, Montenegro , France, Spain, United Kindom, Bosnia and Herzegovina,  Lithuania and  Germany.

Great ambitions for 2009

Associate partners were very active in 2008 organising:
  • 13 twinning meetings in Slovenia, Denmark, France and Italy
  • participating on the PATHE Seminar 2008
  • preparing the PATHE materials: PATHE leaflet, PATHE pamphlet and draft for PATHE Handbook
Plans for 2009 are even more ambitious, having consultation meetings in 13 European coutries, making the national action plans, transforming knowledge to action at citizens level and inspiring the Sport for All sector to improve and increase its contribution to creating better and healthier societies. PATHE Associate partners will come together again on PATHE Midterm meeting in Franfurt, March 5. - 7.3.2009.

There are 1000 right ways It is all about starting to move.

Saska Benedicic Tomat, PATHE project coordinator: »If we could buy a 10km of run and 100 push-ups in super market, we would already do this way without asking “is it right”. The ways, how to improve personal health by eating healthier food and a being physical active, are well-known. We know what to do!  But the fight for better lifestyle is still high on the agenda for many people and very high on the agenda in many societies. And our challenge today is therefore to transform the knowledge to motivation and action for the individual citizen and local communities.  And PATHE partners have taken up the challenge! “

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