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Mobility, Dialogue and Participation


Sport for All movement presented as relevant partner in promoting Active Citizenship! Over 900 Attend Conference

"Sport: a school for active citizenship?" was the question being addressed by one of fourteen workshops during the European Civic Days conference. The first "European civic days: Mobility, Dialogue, Participation - towards an active European citizenship" was organized by the European Civic Forum and supported by the European Commission within the framework of the French Presidency of the European Union. The event took place from 4-6 September in La Rochelle, France.

ISCA was one of three organizations to present its work in promoting active citizenship. Marvin Radford presented the three core areas that ISCA directly contributes to promotion of active citizenship:

1) member services and consultation

2) advocacy for further recognition and development of Sport for All movement

3) project and activity development

The ‘Sport’ workshop was moderated by André LeClercq, President of the French National Olympic Academy.

Philip Machú, President of ISCA member UFOLEP, commented that "Sport for All is an important player in developing social environment." Machú also stated that "Sport for All movement is able to develop activities for all populations including children, elderly, socially challenged and physically disabled."

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