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Official network launch at the 2nd European Sport for All congress Barcelona, Spain, 23-25 October 2008

Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations (DGI), Union sportive de l'enseignement du premier degré (USEP), Deutscher Turner Bund (DTB) and Serviço Social do Comércio (SESC) have taken on shared leadership to start an ISCA network on Sport and Health.

ISCA Vice President Herbert Hartmann (DTB) states "Sport and Health is one of the most important topics on the agenda of Sport for All organisations today. Indeed, health is a key topic for governments, individuals and a whole range of organisations world-wide.

With the initiative to initiate an ISCA health network of organisations that want to share and develop actions in the field, the ISCA portfolio comes 'full circle'. We have the overall ISCA Health Programme. We have the large scale, 430.000 Euro European-wide PATHE project. And now we will get an active network of organisations to make the most value out of these initiatives and each other's expertise in the field.

I look very much forward to seeing this initiative come true, and thank the initiating organisations for their commitment to Sport and Health!"

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