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The European Grassroots Esports online course is now available!

By Anita Kiraly, ISCA

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the European Grassroots Esports Online Course, an innovative educational initiative designed to empower individuals and organisations interested in the growing field of grassroots esports. This course, created in the framework of the European Grassroots Esports Project, offers comprehensive modules that cover everything from understanding the basics of esports to implementing successful grassroots initiatives.

Launch of the European Grassroots Esports online course
The European Grassroots Esports online course, now available on ISCA's Learning Platform, aims to provide comprehensive training and resources for individuals and organisations interested in developing grassroots esports initiatives or clubs, where people can meet and share their passion for esports.

This course is designed to offer a holistic understanding of grassroots esports, including practical modules on setting up and running esports initiatives or clubs, building playbooks and action plans, and drawing inspiration from real-life examples. It will help you better understand what esports and in particular what grassroots esports is. The course will give you an idea on how to scan your environment and spark favourable conditions for a new esports initiative, and last but not least help you design a plan to deliver grassroots esports activities for a range of different target groups and settings.

The course is built on the modules below:

  • Enter the Game of Grassroots Esports
  • What Are We Talking About?
  • How to Set Up Your Initiative
  • How to Run Your Initiative
  • Get Inspired by Grassroots Esports Initiatives in Real Life
  • Build Your Own Playbook and Action Plan

The course aims to bridge the gap between the commercialised esports scene and the individualised gaming culture by integrating young gamers into value-based, social club structures.

How to Get Started

Enrolment is open now! Head over to the ISCA learning platform to sign up. For all the details and to register, click here. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be at the forefront of grassroots esports development. Join us today and start making a difference in the world of esports!


Posted on 02/07/2024 by Anita Kiraly, ISCA


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