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Get a new dose of MOVEment Pills! – Discover the exciting Movement Pills 2.0 Project

By Julia Lisewska, ISCA

Why "MOVEment Pills"?

The benefits of leisure and exercise for both physical and mental health are becoming clearer. However, one of the main obstacles keeping people from engaging in regular physical activity is still time. The secret to starting an active lifestyle is to break things down into "bite-sized" tasks, such as stopping briefly to do a bit of exercise – or, what we cheekily call it in the context of our MOVEment Pills campaign, to pop a pill.

The name is a clever metaphor. Instead of actual pills, the concept offers a "prescription" for a healthier lifestyle – a nudge to get people off the couch and into action.

We talk more about the MOVEment Pills, present an inside look into this successful NowWeMOVE & UISP initiative and show how to use it to engage more people in physical activities in the toolkit:

Movement Pills 2.0 – Start!

Since 2015, ISCA has been pioneering the MOVEment Pills boxes, inspired by a model from our Italian member UISP, who successfully partnered with pharmacies across Italy. The concept is as relevant as ever, prompting the launch of the Movement Pills 2.0 project. This February, ISCA joined as a project partner in this initiative led by UISP and funded by the Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnerships of the European Commission.

Project objectives:

EU-Wide Methodology: Discover how we're fighting sedentary behavior by promoting physical activity and active lifestyles across Europe.

Engagement Through Pharmacies: See how pharmacies and healthcare facilities are becoming hubs for counteracting health risks associated with inactivity.

Online Platform: Explore our new online platform designed for testing and replicating the Movement Pills methodology.

Expanding Networks: Find out how we're expanding our network to promote this methodology in various contexts and countries.

Methodology Testing: Learn about our experimentation with the Movement Pills methodology in different countries.

Promoting Wellness: See how we're advocating for this methodology among policymakers, public health sectors, sports sectors, and disadvantaged groups.

A recipe for more active citizens

The project explores the "how-to" of encouraging physical activity. In February 2024, during the kick-off meeting held in Rome, UISP described their experience using a multifaceted strategy in Bologna, Italy:

  • Public support: enlisting the help of local governments;
  • Communication blitz: promoting the health and wellness benefits of exercise;
  • Distribution network: facilitating easy access to activities;
  • Progress tracking: observing the effects on people's habits and health;

A pill for every body

The project isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Project partners know that different countries and communities have different needs, so they will tailor the Movement Pills concept to each local context.

A healthier future for all

In conclusion, the Movement Pills 2.0 project offers a refreshing and practical approach to achieving a healthier lifestyle. By leveraging established networks, fostering knowledge exchange through a dedicated platform, and tailoring solutions to local needs, this initiative promises a wave of positive impact across Europe.

We invite more organisations and individuals working in the sports and health sector, to adopt the Movement Pills 2.0 philosophy, because a healthier society where more people are active in their everyday life, is just a (metaphorical) "pill" away.

Posted on 23/05/2024 by Julia Lisewska, ISCA


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