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From an urban mountain to an active office: No Elevators Day from an ISCA Youth Officer’s perspective

By Eszter Anna Szaniszló

As a Youth Officer at the International Sport and Culture Association (spot Eszter at the centre, back of the photo above, ed.), I had the privilege of experiencing a memorable No Elevators Day atop CopenHill, Copenhagen's iconic urban mountain. This year, 2024, we’re marking the 10th consecutive year of celebrating No Elevators Day, an annual event organised by ISCA on the last Wednesday of April. Our mission is clear: to inspire individuals to opt for the stairs rather than elevators to give their bodies an energy and endorphin boost. 

The day kicked off with lots of excitement as we all met at the bottom of CopenHill, eager to start our fun day of exercise and team bonding. CopenHill is an architectural marvel that combines sustainability with recreation. This multifunctional facility serves as a waste-to-energy power plant, having a ski slope on its roof, making it a symbol of innovation and environmental consciousness. Visitors can ski, hike, run, do workouts, or simply enjoy panoramic views of the city from its unique rooftop bar. We could not have chosen a better location to celebrate the 10th anniversary of No Elevators Day.

With skis strapped on and running shoes securely done up, we set our sights on conquering the towering structure, standing 85 metres tall. Our approach to the stair climb was anything but conventional. Along the way, we integrated various activities to infuse fun and motivation into the challenge. From impromptu exercise sessions using the stairs as our gym equipment to spirited challenges, every step became an opportunity for empowerment and achievement. Reaching the top of CopenHill was a moment of triumph. We celebrated our ascent with further exercises, relishing the breath-taking views and the satisfaction of reaching new heights, both literally and metaphorically.

However, our efforts didn't end at the top of CopenHill. Back at our office building, where we hosted the We Play Together project meeting (pictured above) this week, we continued to promote the campaign’s message to #UseTheStairs by organising engaging activities on each floor. From setting up basketball hoops on each level to reviving childhood nostalgia with games like hopscotch, we aimed to make the act of stair climbing not only beneficial but also enjoyable. One particularly memorable activity was the rock-paper-scissors feet version, where colleagues engaged in friendly competition using their feet to mimic classic hand gestures in a more active way. The laughter that echoed through the stairwells served as a testament to the success of our initiative. Colleagues from our office building, Buen, including our member DGI, celebrated the day with us on 24 April.

Throughout the day, I witnessed a transformation in attitudes towards stair usage among the people we could reach. By demonstrating that physical activity can be both beneficial and fun, we succeeded in inspiring others to embrace the stairs as a means of promoting health and wellbeing. Our efforts had not only encouraged individuals to make healthier choices but had also fostered a sense of community. Looking ahead, I am confident that the spirit of No Elevators Day will continue to inspire individuals to take the stairs, one step at a time. 

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Posted on 24/04/2024 by Eszter Anna Szaniszló


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