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New training gives a step-by-step guide to becoming an Icehearts Europe mentor

By Rachel Payne and Carole Ponchon, ISCA

An Icehearts mentor is a special individual. In parallel with the support children receive at school, they give gentle, reliable guidance to children at risk over a 12-year journey in a peer-to-peer team environment. Through the Icehearts Europe project, and with expert input from the original Icehearts Finland initiative, a step-by-step guide to becoming an Icehearts mentor is now available in English and in five other languages (Danish, Estonian, Italian, Slovenian and Spanish). The training tool is a customised roadmap for using sport and physical activity to improve the wellbeing of disadvantaged children and young people. 

ISCA and the Finnish long-term support programme for vulnerable children and young people, Icehearts Finland, collaborated on the training tool with 10 project partners from countries as part of a Europe-wide expansion of this successful initiative. Backed by an EU4Health Action grant, the Icehearts Europe model and training tool is being tested in five pilot countries: Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Slovenia and Spain.

The main aim of the training is to provide an active learning experience and to guide the user on a journey to become a trained Icehearts Europe mentor. The tool supplements the national training package offered by pilot partners to selected Icehearts Europe mentors.

Start the training now at 

The Icehearts step-by-step training at a glance

Complete the training to:

  • Discover the magic ingredients of the Icehearts Europe model
  • Step into your role as an Icehearts Europe mentor with confidence
  • Get ready to support disadvantaged children and young people through mentoring
  • Build your own Icehearts Europe playbook
  • Reflect, connect and give feedback to help improve the learning experience

What will you learn?

By the end of the Icehearts Europe online training for mentors, you will be able to:

  • Outline the features of the successful Icehearts Finland model
  • Define the characteristics of an optimal mentor-mentee bond
  • Outline how the mentor and mentee can build a shared purpose and set goal
  • Produce and deliver a shared pilot plan for Icehearts Europe activities.

How to navigate the course

  • You will need up to 90 minutes to complete the course.
  • To complete the training, open the topics in the order presented on the axis below. At the end of each topic, a small test is waiting for you, which helps to confirm the knowledge you have learned.
  • For each of the videos in this training, you can activate subtitles and auto-translation.
  • To finish the training, you will need to complete all the stops, take the reflective exercises at the end AND complete a quick feedback form

Find out more about the Icehearts Europe project

Disclaimers: The materials herein have been produced or are used as a part of an independent partnership Icehearts Europe and should therefore not be viewed as official materials or views of the Finnish organisation Icehearts ry.

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Posted on 22/03/2024 by Rachel Payne and Carole Ponchon, ISCA


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