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Moving for Health project gets under way in Slovenia


The kick-off meeting for ISCA’s latest Erasmus+ Sport-funded project, Moving for Health, was held in the centre of Ljubljana, Slovenia. The event, which brought together passionate individuals and organisations from Sweden, Luxembourg/Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, and Denmark, marked the start of an exciting journey towards promoting both physical and health literacy. It follows on from the successful ISCA project Physical Literacy for Life, a cross-continental project that ran until 2022.

The primary focus of the kick-off meeting was to review the project's objectives, methodologies, planned activities, and expected impacts. Partners within the consortium had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with each other, fostering connections crucial to the project's success. However, this meeting was more than just discussions; it embodied the spirit of the physical activity promoters at the core of the partnership by incorporating active breaks and walking tours around Ljubljana's centre and Lake Bled, emphasising the importance of quality movement for health.

The Moving for Health project aims to bridge physical and health literacy, providing tools and knowledge to enhance the wellbeing of citizens. By uniting individuals and organisations across various settings, such as education, sports, and healthcare, it seeks to foster a comprehensive approach to promoting healthy living.

The strategic objectives of the project include:

- Building the Moving for Health network and mapping existing resources and initiatives.

- Capacity building for the development and implementation of the Moving for Health model.

- Disseminating the model to a wider audience and promoting sustainability.

- Empowering communities to adopt healthier lifestyles by addressing multiple determinants of health simultaneously and fostering physical and health literacy.

Reflecting on the significance of their involvement, the participants expressed enthusiasm and dedication to achieving the project’s outcomes. Change the Game representative Tom Englén underlined the vital importance of the project’s objectives stating, "We are aiming to contribute to a very urgent piece of the puzzle of creating a sustainable world for future generations."

Tjaša Knific from National Institute of Public Health Slovenia also highlighted the importance of physical literacy in health settings, affirming the institute’s commitment to making the world a more active place.

With support from the EU Erasmus+ Sport programme and led by the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA), the Moving for Health project sets out to innovate and inspire change. As the journey continues, the project partners anticipate the next workshop meeting in Umeå, Sweden, ready to explore, innovate, and pave the way towards health and physical literacy for all.


Posted on 20/03/2024 by ISCA


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