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ISCA’s winter seminar: Turning chills into thrills

By Maria Malyshkina, ISCA

In Copenhagen last week, ISCA team shook off the winter blues with an engaging winter seminar. Most of our colleagues who work remotely all over Europe came to snowy Denmark, embracing both the chill in the air and the warmth of collaborative discussions. We also welcomed two new colleagues – continue reading to find out more about these impactful days we spent together with the team. 

The start of the seminar marked the introduction of two new team members, Katarzyna Kula and Bo Busk. Both have experience working in a multicultural environment and a long-term connection to working in the grassroots sport and the social sector in general.  

A warm welcome to Katarzyna Kula, who recently joined the cosy ISCA office in Copenhagen from Poland as a European Solidarity Corps (ESC) volunteer! As one of the five Youth Officers currently completing their year-long volunteering assignments at ISCA, she will be part of the project management team and will stay with us for a year filled with adventures and exciting grassroots sports projects.And welcome to Bo Busk! The ones who know him from when he was working with our partner Ollerup Academy can wish him a warm welcome back. Bo will join the project management team as well.

After that, the team dove into discussions on what matters most. The official part of the seminar started with an insightful session titled "Measuring Success," led by Jacob, shedding light on the importance of whole team and individual contributions to ISCA's overall success. Through small group discussions, team members engaged in introspective reflections, pondering on what success means to them and how it aligns with ISCA's overarching goals. 

On day two, Alex Appleyard-Keeling and Flaminia Marchetti led a talk on membership, discussing ideas how to keep our ISCA family happy and growing. The team took a tour through the MOVE Congress 2023 evaluation and also looked ahead to future events, particularly the MOVE Congress 2025, exploring opportunities for partnerships and member involvement.

Sprinkling some fun into the mix, the team hit the lanes for the NowWeBowl – ISCA Bowling tournament. Strikes, spares, and laughs were the order of the day, fostering team spirit and providing a refreshing #BrainBreak from discussions.

This winter seminar exemplified ISCA's commitment to growth and collaboration, setting the stage for a transformative journey ahead. With new talents on board and strategic discussions, ISCA is poised to make a lasting impact on global health and wellbeing.



Posted on 24/01/2024 by Maria Malyshkina, ISCA


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