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Sport Without Waste movement aims to facilitate more eco-conscious events in 2024

By Maria Malyshkina, ISCA

Sport Without Waste – started by BG Be Active and supported by the efforts of the partners from seven other European countries – is a movement that encourages collective action to champion sustainability with Sport #WithoutWaste. As we go into 2024, the project partners are set to invite policymakers and sports practitioners to drive meaningful change toward a more sustainable future in sports. Let’s take a look at the journey that the project took during past year!

Photo by the Romanian partners of the Sport Without Waste project AJSPT Suceava

In 2023, the project Sport #WithoutWaste achieved significant milestones by introducing resources to facilitate environmentally sustainable grassroots sports events. These resources were developed collaboratively by the project partners and aim to equip event organisers with practical tools and strategies to move towards more waste-free practices.

The “Action Pack for Organising Grassroots Sport Events” stands out among these resources, offering comprehensive guidance for event organisers to implement waste-minimisation strategies. The research report emphasised the utilisation of funding, education, and infrastructure to foster waste-free local community sports events. Guides specifically designed for grassroots and school-based sport events #WithoutWaste, serve as practical frameworks to ensure alignment with sustainable practices.

Sport #WithoutWaste movement expands to engage relevant stakeholders to create solutions to country-specific environmental challenges

While having key components and elements, the movement is shaping up in each country individually through the capacity-building of relevant stakeholders, awareness-raising campaigns, and educational initiatives.

Within the Balkan partner countries, the concept is gaining ground as the first sustainable grassroots sport events were organised in the first quarter of 2023. These activities prioritise education to integrate the concept into the national context and focus on establishing relevant infrastructure and guidelines for these events.

Expanding its reach, the Sport #WithoutWaste movement engages stakeholders in various countries to address specific environmental challenges.

  • In Bulgaria, efforts focus on influencing municipal green policies and promoting eco-friendly event planning.
  • Hungary and Romania aim to integrate green principles into existing activities, involving Student Olympics in Hungary and educational institutions in Romania.
  • Serbia emphasises environmental measures in promoting grassroots sports, supported by the Ministry of Sport.
  • Despite infrastructural challenges, Albania and Turkey initiate conversations on environmental sustainability with universities and the educational sector, respectively.

For the latest research, guidelines, and resources in creating environmentally conscious sports events, follow the Sport Without Waste project's developments at 

Posted on 11/01/2024 by Maria Malyshkina, ISCA


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