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Move For Fun playbook available now: Enabling a healthy start in life through physical activity

By ISCA, Cities Changing Diabetes and DGI

ISCA, in collaboration with Novo Nordisk (Cities Changing Diabetes) and DGI, is proud to launch the outcome of a three-year project to pilot the successful DGI initiative Jump for Fun in Argentina, Poland and the United Kingdom. 'Enabling a healthy start in life through physical activity: A playbook to help get you started with implementing a Move For Fun programme for children in vulnerable settings' is now available online. 

Every child should be able to enjoy the benefits of physical activity, establishing a solid base for a life filled with energy, happiness and good health. Extensive research has consistently shown that regular physical activity improves a child’s physical, mental and social wellbeing and enhances their ability to learn and think. Maintaining an active lifestyle from an early age into adulthood is widely recognised to be crucial in improving brain health and weight management, reducing the risk of disease, and strengthening bones and muscles.

Despite this, physical activity levels have decreased, making it the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality. It is concerning, in particular, that physical inactivity among children and adolescents is soaring.

Too many children live in communities that lack safe spaces for walking and cycling, have limited access to public open spaces, and face financial barriers for participating in exercise or sports programmes. Children living in vulnerable communities and neighbourhoods face additional challenges in achieving enjoyable, sociable and accessible physical activity.

Move For Fun is a response that seeks to address some of these health inequities

Move For Fun is an international programme funded by Novo Nordisk and implemented in collaboration with the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) and Danish sports association, DGI, as well as other partner organisations in countries which have piloted the programme between 2020 and 2023.

By targeting fixed groups of children in disadvantaged areas, Move For Fun aspires to positively impact the long-term active lifestyles of participants. This playbook sets out the principles that underpin Move For Fun and profiles three pilot case studies from Argentina, Poland and the United Kingdom. We hope it inspires anyone looking to introduce more physical activity, better health and well-being into the lives of children everywhere.

On behalf of the partners, we encourage you to get in touch if you want to find out more. We are passionate about exploring opportunities and implementing practical and diverse initiatives to encourage children to be physically active in an integrated, enjoyable and inclusive manner.

Mette Holm Rod, General Manager, DGI; Jacob Schouenborg, Secretary General, ISCA; Jo Jewel, Director, Cities Changing Diabetes & Head of Obesity Health Equity, Global Health Equity, Novo Nordisk

Visit the MOVE For Fun website for more information about the project

Posted on 04/12/2023 by ISCA, Cities Changing Diabetes and DGI


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