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Novo Nordisk webinar on active playtime: enabling more physical activity for children

By ISCA, Cities Changing Diabetes and DGI

The prevention of chronic diseases can never start too early – and yet, as cities worldwide confront a rising obesity and type 2 diabetes challenge, it is startling that 3 in 4 children and more than 8 in 10 adolescents worldwide do not meet WHO recommendations for physical activity. 

Childhood is a focus for Cities Changing Diabetes (CCD), which is delighted to bring together a panel of passionate experts for our next CCD Rounds webinar. The panel will share how fun and play can be game-changing ingredients to engage children and boost their physical activity. 

CCD looks forward to showcasing innovative approaches through the LEGO Foundation's Let's Play and Move For Fun, a collaboration among the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA), the Danish Sports Association, DGI, and Novo Nordisk. The Move For Fun partners have just launched a playbook all about empowering children in vulnerable communities to be more active, which you can find here.

The webinar speakers include Jill Popp, PhD, Mette Hauch from the LEGO Foundation, and Jacob Schouenborg from ISCA. We'll also hear from Piotr Sitkowski of the V4 Sport Foundation about implementing Move For Fun in Poland, which has notably aided over 1,000 children, including Ukrainian refugees, in becoming more active and integrated.

Join us Tuesday, 19 December 2023, from 14.00–15.00 (CET) as we deep dive into empowering play and show how to cultivate healthy, active habits in vulnerable children. 

Please sign up for the event using this link, and feel free to share this invite within your network.

Posted on 04/12/2023 by ISCA, Cities Changing Diabetes and DGI


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