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Nothing can stop us from MOVING: Ukraine embraces MOVE Week with determination and hope

By Manal Najah, ISCA

This year's edition of MOVE Week saw a remarkable increase in participation, with over 6,000 MOVE Agents and numerous National Coordinators coming on board. The impact was truly impressive, with more than 800 events registered and over 150,000 enthusiastic participants.

Ukraine's remarkable participation in this edition of MOVE Week taught us a profound lesson in determination and hope. It served as a shining example of how, even in the face of major challenges, a united and resilient community can inspire others to embrace an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

UkraineActive recently joined our global family, making a significant impact in a short time. Gratitude goes to our member and Polish National Coordinator, V4Sport, for bringing UkraineActive on board and connecting them to the movement. 

Despite the short preparation time, UkraineActive achieved remarkable results. In Ukraine, 825 schools and educational institutions actively participated alongside 419 organisations. More than 40,000 children in Ukraine took part in MOVE Week through two types of activities.

The first type of activity, called Active Breaks, used the power of social media to engage people. In collaboration with Polish partners, Krokieta i Lamy academy and the V4Sport Foundation, fun videos for active breaks at schools were created for both Polish and Ukrainian children. The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine directly shared a letter, encouraging schools and kindergartens to participate. 

The second type of activity was the Active Week challenge, in partnership with the Kateryna Biloruska Foundation. Each day featured various sports and activities, and participants were invited to capture videos or photos of their movement activities. Winners were chosen for each day's activity, recognising their outstanding dedication and involvement.

Oleksandra Boliak, the Secretary General of UkraineActive, highlighted the importance of physical activity as an effective way to cope with stress and anxiety, particularly during times of war. MOVE Week provided a much-needed opportunity for Ukrainians to break away from their current context. Oleksandra expressed her hope to organise MOVE Week again next year – with optimism and enthusiasm!

Posted on 20/07/2023 by Manal Najah, ISCA


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