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Shaping a brighter tomorrow at the European Youth Event 2023

By Manal Najah, Youth Officer

The European Youth Event at European Parliament was not only a reunion (and in some cases, a first meeting) of 12 ISCA European Solidarity Corps (ESC) volunteers, it was also a buzzing hub of thousands of young activists from around the continent who are striving to make the future look brighter. ISCA Youth Officer Manal Najah was part of the ISCA delegation that visited Strasbourg on 9-10 June for the event and she recounts the experience as an empowering one.

Our participation at the European Youth Event 2023 in Strasbourg was like embarking on a journey filled with diversity, empowerment and inspiration. It was a place where our voices resonated in harmony, where vibrant cultures were interconnected, and where dreams for a better Europe flew high.

As we gathered with other participants, we were immediately immersed in a vibrant diversity of cultures, ideas and perspectives. Collaborating with fellow participants from across Europe and beyond, we experienced the true power of unity in diversity. Engaging in dynamic discussions, workshops, and interactive activities, we celebrated our differences and made the most of the strength of our collective knowledge and experience. One of the most rewarding aspects of our participation was the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share our passion for creating a positive impact. Building a network of supportive and diverse individuals.

The European Youth Event 2023 provided us with an extraordinary stage to amplify our voices, connecting our visions to paint a picture of a brighter future. From captivating plenary sessions at the Hemicycle that sparked inspiration to small working groups that encouraged deep connections, we eagerly shared our ideas, concerns, and hopes with a drive for change. The event was a reminder for all youth of the crucial role we play as young change-makers in shaping the world we long for.

Throughout the event, we had the privilege of engaging with influential leaders, policymakers, and experts. Interacting with Members of the European Parliament and well known figures, we witnessed the concrete impact of their work and were inspired to follow in their footsteps. These encounters sparked a fire within us, encouraging us to strive for excellence and make a difference in our respective fields.

As we depart from Strasbourg, we carry with us a sense of purpose and a strong determination to create a brighter future. The European Youth Event has sparked inspiration within us, and we are ready to move forward, driven by the shared vision of a Europe that embraces inclusivity, sustainability, and prosperity.

Together, we can shape the world we have long aspired to call home.

Photographs: © European Union 2023 - Source : EP 

Posted on 16/06/2023 by Manal Najah, Youth Officer


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