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MOVING People can change the world: 2022 Annual Report out now

By Mogens Kirkeby, ISCA President

It is often said that sport can change the world. I think it is more precise and correct to say that ‘the people of sport can change the world’ – AND if we do it right, we can enjoy healthier and happier lives in a better, peaceful and more sustainable world. It is ambitious, but I believe it should be our common goal. There are no short-cuts or quick fixes. It is about being persistent together and taking it step-by-step.

Finding ways to obtain a healthy lifestyle for all was a central topic of our initiatives and events throughout 2022. In 2022 we connected our members and partners, both online and in-person, who are MOVING People in different countries and continents and thrive on the inspiration and practical ideas they share when they meet.

Today we launch our 2022 Annual Report, and we invite you to look back at the year with us - where we made important inroads into connecting physical activity and health, connected MOVING People across continents and helped our members navigate a turbulent year impacted by local and global crises.

Meeting of MOVING People
In September we could gather 820 people (300 in-person and 520 watching online) from 23 countries to the first edition of the MOVE Congress Latin America (Congresso MOVE América Latina 2022). With a kick-off event in São Paulo and a three-day conference in Rio de Janeiro, the MOVE Congress Latin America: Sport 4.0 was kindly hosted by SESC Rio de Janeiro and SESC São Paulo.

In November we invited 180 members and partners from 125 different associations to join the MOVING People MOVING Europe conference in Brussels. The main theme was how we, as a sector, as organisations and as people, can help create positive, healthy environments in which more people can be active and enjoy better wellbeing as a result – by participating in ‘Healthy Clubs’, finding dynamic public spaces around them, being included regardless of their cultural backgrounds, and being more attentive to health and wellbeing in their work.

Unfortunately, in 2022 we also experienced another human conflict with huge human consequences and costs. The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the following war has led to destruction and claimed lives, and many have had to flee their homes. In 2022 the number of refugees and displaced people escalated to 100 million globally. 

Refugees from any conflict are in a vulnerable situation and have a need for assistance in the countries to which they flee. Sport organisations assist with practical solutions to make life a bit better for refugees and their tools for including refugees in their communities are recreational sport and physical activity.

The Integration of Refugees through Sport Networking Platform consists of more than 100 organisations who have demonstrated a strong engagement and fast mobilisation to assist refugees from Ukraine. The collective and individual actions of these MOVING People have changed the lives of their fellow citizens in a crisis situation. Thank you for your commitment.

You can browse our latest Annual Report below - enjoy the read!

Posted on 31/03/2023 by Mogens Kirkeby, ISCA President


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