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Join the No Elevators Day campaign: how-to in 3 steps

By Maria Malyshkina, ISCA

There's only three months to go before the global No Elevators Day - a fun and free event aimed at encouraging people to choose the stairs over elevators or escalators and nudge their colleagues and friends to do the same. We would like to see more people joining the campaign and celebrating the day on 26 April 2023, so here's a how-to guide with different levels of involvement!

Active but introverted? Take the stairs yourself or grab a couple of close friends - this way it will be even easier to think of creative ways to #UseTheStairs to #BeActive and record a few fun movements! Share the photos and videos on social media - even if it's just with your private circle.

Feeling like a Role Model? Promote and speak about the No Elevators Day offline and online with the hashtag #UseTheStairs. Share our call and your ideas on how to turn the stairs into a tool to #BeActive with your friends, colleagues and partners. Tag us to become part of the largest database of stair exercises!

MOVE Agent! You can help even more people get all the benefits of being an active person! On 26 April 2023 you can organise No Elevators Day events in your local community, maybe even get partners on board and reach out to influencers. We have many ideas and tips for implementation available here plus more resources. You will also become part of our international NowWeMOVE community with members all over the world ready to share inspiration and #BeActive vibes.

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Posted on 26/01/2023 by Maria Malyshkina, ISCA


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